DNA Collection Procedure And Requirements

Trained NY Mobilize professionals collect the DNA samples. During the DNA sample collection, DNA sample collectors, first, documents the identity of all individuals subject to DNA testing in accordance with the established procedures. Subsequently, all subject to DNA sample collection will be taken photographs. Thereafter, the DNA sample collectors will secure written consent from all individuals, authorizing them to collect the samples for the purpose of DNA parentage testing.

The DNA sample collectors ensures that the DNA samples are carefully maintained, securely packed, and transported to the DNA laboratory for testing.
Adults present for specimen collection need to bring the following:

  1. ID with picture (i.e. driver's license or passport)
  2. Payment for the collection of specimens

Children present for specimen collection need to bring the following:

  1. Birth certificate
  2. Social Security Card (if available) or Crib Card

Availability of Results

Experienced professionals at the laboratory use developed, automated, and streamlined laboratory testing processes that provide the quickest testing turnaround time. In most cases, results are available approximately 48 hours from the time that all the specimens are received in the laboratory. But the goal is, however, to provide the most accurate DNA test results available anywhere. If your case requires special attention with additional testing due to genetic mutations or other special family circumstances, laboratory professionals will give the appropriate care and suitable time needed to ensure irrefutable and precise results. We will not sacrifice the quality and accuracy of your test results in order to give you quick ones. Therefore, a specific completion date is unlikely guaranteed.

Upon request, tested individuals and legal guardians who provided written consent for DNA parentage testing, on account of a minor or an incapacitated adult, may request to have their DNA parentage test results report forwarded to them and to their representatives. All requests for DNA parentage test results reports must be directed to the DNA testing laboratory in writing. In addition, test results will be mailed to all tested adults and to the representatives they may have listed such as, an attorney, physician, agency or relative. Moreover, results may be faxed or made available through a secure web portal to a designated legal or medical representative.

If DNA parentage testing is done in the context of immigration, the DNA testing laboratory forwards all DNA parentage test results directly to the embassies, together with photographs of the tested individuals, copies of official identification cards, and consent documents that were taken during the sample collections.

Rush results are also available for an additional fee.