Legal DNA Paternity Testing

NY Mobilize Drug Testing uses GENETICA DNA Test™ for paternity. It is the most extensive, conclusive, reliable, and legal DNA paternity test available in the state of New York, which provides guaranteed results. Moreover, it delivers with strict confidentiality, gives expert 24 or 48 hours service, and offers comprehensive, professional aftercare. Our legal DNA paternity test results are admissible in courts and government agencies as legal documents (e.g. to receive child support and social security benefits and to change the name on the birth certificate).

Who needs to be tested?

In a standard legal DNA paternity test, called mother, child, and alleged father legal DNA paternity test, DNA samples are collected from the mother, the child, and the alleged father. The collection of the mother's sample, however, is not absolutely necessary for legal DNA paternity testing. Nevertheless, the mother's sample helps to identify in the child those genes that came from her. On the other hand, the laboratory can perform a highly accurate legal DNA paternity test without the mother's sample by performing an additional DNA analysis called, single parent-child DNA paternity test.

In cases where the mother will not be tested and the father does not have custody over the child subject to DNA testing, the child's custodian or legal guardian must authorize the testing. The sample collector is required to obtain a written consent for DNA parentage testing from each individual to be tested prior to sample collection.

In cases where a minor or an incapacitated adult will be tested, the individual’s legal guardian should provide a written consent with proof of identity and full contact information for DNA parentage testing to proceed.

Is there an age requirement?

None. DNA parentage testing can be performed at any age, as an individual’s DNA remains unchanged from conception to end of their lifetime. Also, the age of a tested individual does not affect the accuracy of DNA parentage test.

How certain are the results if the man is NOT the father?

The GENETICA DNA Test™ for paternity proves conclusively that the tested man is NOT the biological father of the child. In such cases, the tested man's genes do not match the child's on at least three different genetic sites. The probability of paternity is 0%, and we are 100% certain that he is NOT the child's biological father.

How certain are the results if the man IS the father?

The average probability of paternity for the GENETICA DNA Test™ is greater than 99.99999%. We guarantee greater than 99.99% probability of paternity.